15 Apr, 2024

The Technovisual Book of Magic

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas to all our friends, customers and suppliers. Looking forward to seeing and working with you all in the new year.

If you haven't seen our e-card for this year, you can view it here.


3D Maths Tools (Real-time)

3D Maths Tools For Harcourt Education

Whilst contracted to QVQ we produced a large range of maths tools for teachers to use on interactive whiteboards. The tools feature a range of techniques including real-time 3D solid and wireframe manipulation which was coded in Flash actionscript from scratch.  

3D Code Breaker

3D Code Breaker produced for My3D.co.uk

3D Code Breaker is a game of deduction. The aim is to place the coloured balls in the sockets one row at a time, starting at the first row to match the hidden code which the computer has chosen at random.

You must get the right coloured balls in the correct sockets to match the hidden code within ten attempts to win the game.

3D Code Breaker is freeware and is provided free of charge. You can download it for yourself here
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