07 Jul, 2020


TechnoVisual can offer a large range of memory sticks, which can be printed on both sides with up to 4 colours with your company brand.  This is an excellent way of providing your potential customers with a useful implement emblazened with your company's logo.  Below are a number of our lower cost and most popular memory sticks.

Why not upload your company video to your order of USB sticks.  For a small extra cost we can load your upload your video to your choice of memory stick.  Visit our Video Page if you need help with a short promotional video or a slideshow of your products to show off your companies best points in a professional and exciting way, we can help you to upload the finished data to your web page and memory stick.  These little tools are a perfect way to promote your company, they are so easy to carry around and hand out at any meeting or event.

We can take all the hassle out of ordering your USBs, give us a call and we will talk you through the process, we can also help with your artwork for printing onto your USB and if you want to load a file, perhaps a video onto your USBs we can help you with this as well.

ARTWORK: Please send in your artwork as a Vectorised File, an AI or EPS is ideal (see explanation below).  Once your artwork has been approved, we can deliver your USBs free of charge within 7 working days.

All the above USB drives come in most colours, e.g. blue, red, yellow, green, black and white, please let us know which you prefer when you order and the size and quantity required. 

TechnoVisual can offer excellent quotations for short runs of just 30 USBs right up to an order of many thousands, we also offer many other types of USB, we have a huge range to choose from, let us know if you would like to see some other examples.



Low cost range e.g. Twister - USB 2.0 High Speed

50 x 2GB @ £4.50 +VAT per drive 
100 x 2GB @ £4.11 + VAT per drive       
250 x 2GB  @ £3.74 + VAT per drive
500 x 2GB @ £3.48 + VAT per drive

50 x 4GB @ £4.75 + VAT per drive
100 x 4GB @ £4.22 + VAT per drive
250 x 4GB  @ £3.84 + VAT per drive
500 x 4GB @ £3.56 + VAT per drive

Data cost:

Up to 300MB FREE of charge.
Up to 1GB @ £0.45p + VAT per drive
Up to 2GB @ £0.55p + VAT per drive (max is 1.6GB in a 2GB drive)
Up to 4GB @ £0.65p + VAT per drive (max is 3.6GB on a 4GB drive

Prices include the following at no extra cost:

- Print on the drive in up to 4 solid colours to both sides (or laser engraving )
- Free file install up to 300MB
- Free key chain or plain lanyard with each drive
- Free delivery to 1 UK Mainland address
- 15 year warranty




  TechnoVisual also offer a wide range of packaging and accessory options for your branded USB Sticks, such as FREE key rings, FREE plain lanyards, branded lanyards, printed boxes, pouches and more. Please call for a quote.



There are two different types of image files: vector and raster.  A vector art file is typically created in a program such as Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand. You can import a raster image into one of these programs, but that does not make it a vector image. To have a vector image, the image or logo would have to be manually created in one of these programs. Raster images use pixels that are saved as an ordered series of numbers in the image. They create several very small dots of colour that create what you see as your image or your logo when you are zoomed out on a computer screen. On the other hand, vector art is saved as lines and curves with the coordinates of their starting and ending points.

The reason that we require vector artwork is so that your images and logos can be resized for screen printing or laser engraving without affecting the quality of the image. It creates a sharp, clean print and allows us to uphold our quality guarantee for all of our products. With raster art, when it is enlarged or you zoom in on the image, the quality decreases significantly and appears pixelated.

We can convert your logo to a vectorised file if you would like us to - please ask for a quote.

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