15 Apr, 2024
Ruby On Rails Presentations

Presentation Materials for BuildingWebApps

Presentation training materials were produced showing the systems and dataflows involved with the Ruby on Rails environment. Here are two examples of the presentation materials developed in Flash.

Example 1 , Example 2


New Website For XYTraining

A new website for XY Training using our CMS system. Xy Training provides help for UK GCSE students lead by the Chair of maths at Edexcel, Keith Pledger.

See the website here

3D Maths Tools (Real-time)

3D Maths Tools For Harcourt Education

Whilst contracted to QVQ we produced a large range of maths tools for teachers to use on interactive whiteboards. The tools feature a range of techniques including real-time 3D solid and wireframe manipulation which was coded in Flash actionscript from scratch.  

The Data Handling Tool

Application Development For Edexcel

A tool to provide teachers with an effective method to teach statistics with particular focus on the course work aspect of the GCSE. This programme supports GCSE Mathematics and GCSE Statistics and is being used in hundreds of schools nationwide.

Real-time 3D Environment

3D Realtime Environment Training For HTI

Whilst contracted to AdVal PLC we produced a range of real-time 3D training modules for Head Teachers and Industry to be part of their Inclusivity project. The training comprised around 5 hours of virtual reality learning using 3D character animation, lip syncing and free movement around the environment. The package is available from HTI here

Business Training

Business Cashflow Training For QVQ

Whilst contracted to QVQ we produced a business training course to teach about cash flow. The e-learning contained embeded video throughout and a game section which required the student to run a business for three months and make a profit.

ArcVenture The Romans

Educational Games For Schools

In the early nineties we designed a range of games for schools, published through Sherston Software. The most popular ones - the ArcVenture series have been reversioned to bring them up to date and are still sold by Sherston at: http://shop.sherston.com/ipw/default.aspx?prodId=91

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