07 Jul, 2020

Photo and Slide Digitisation


Photo Scanning, Restoration & Printing


We all have collections of old family photos, documents and slides, which could be many years old and are often in a sorry state. Printed memories could be all we have left of family members and friends and once they start to deteriorate it could be too late to save them. Bring them into TechnoVisual and we will take high quality scans (between 600dpi and 6400dpi), using state of the art scanners we will change the format to very high resolution images (either jpg or pdf), which we can put onto a DVD or USB for you, or we can email a link which you can simply click on and download to your computer. Once in this format, they can be stored safely, shared and printed.

Please don't compare us to other companies which make copies for you on standard scanners, the outcome of the slides particularly is never satisfactory and our state of the art Perfection Epson scanner includes a resolution of 6400 DPI and advanced DIGITAL ICE technology, giving us the ability to enhance and repair your slides, negatives and photos mid-scan. 


photo scanning
photo scanning


35mm Slides

Regular 35mm : Super 35mm : half frame : 126 slides : 110 slides.

Base 4000 dpi scan per slide.  Also cropped and enhanced.



1+ : 50p
100+ : 45p
200+ : 40p
500+ : 35p





35mm Film Strips/Rolls

Colour and monochrome.

Base 4000dpi scan, prices per individual frame. Also cropped and enhanced.






1+ : 50p
100+ : 45p
200+ : 40p
500+ : 35p






 Please ask prices for other film prices, e.g. Instamatic and large format film


Loose Photographs

Up to A5 in size.

Base 600dpi scan, ideal for photos, which are in good condition. This is the most popular option and most photos will not need more than this.

box of old photos





1+ :  15p
500+ :  12p
1000+ : 10p
2000+ :  9p






Larger photos, books etc Flatbed Scanning

Wallets, larger photos over up to A4, pages of wedding book etc

Scanned at highest resolution and enhanced.

wedding book





1+ : 75p
500+ : 70p
1000+ : 65p
2000+ : 60p





Extra Large Photos, Prints with frame or mount Flatbed Scanning

For large photos above A4, framed prints and canvas artwork, includes high quality scan and crop/edge tidy to size required. 

framed photo




1+ : £2.20
10+: £2.10


50+ £1.80




large Format Photos, Canvas Artwork and Film

For very large prints and artwork, which is too big to scan, we will use other methods for capturing your image using our photography studio at very high resolution.  The price shown below, is for high quality, highest resolution capture, so that your image cropped and digitised ready for safe storage or printing. If you need a beautiful print, please ask us for prices on various media or canvas.




1+ : £3.50
10+: £3.30
20+: £3.10





Supplying your Images

Supplying one set of your photos, slides or documents, either on a

CD, DVD or USB (memory stick) or for download - £6.00

We can supply a good quality USB for all your photos

 4GB USB at an extra cost of £8.00 each

 16GB USB at an extra cost of £12.50 each 

 32GB USB at an extra cost of £16.00 each

 64GB USB at an extra cost of £20.00 each

Scanning of slides and negatives
scanning of slides and negatives

Photo Restoration, Enhancement & Retouching.

Use these prices instead of the those above should each item need enhancement /restoration work as well as the standard crop and basic enhancement we supply with our scanning service.


Photo Restoration
Photo editing, restoration and enhancement

We have experienced designers at TechnoVisual who will take your precious photos or documents and restore, enhance, recolour and even edit and retouch them for you to ensure you are completely happy with the finished image. A standard scan from TechnoVisual will include a standard crop and enhance but if anything more is required for your prints, please use the price guide below.

From a more basic crop, Photoshop re-colour and correction of minor damage, to heavy restoration and even removal or retouching of areas of your image, we charge for the time taken at our usual design rate of £35.00 per hour. On seeing your photos we can estimate how long any enhancements will take, example rates are shown below:

Basic Restoration - £15.00 per image

Suitable for more recent photos with minor damage or blemishes, our basic restoration package includes the following:

  • Scan of photograph (up to A5)
  • Cropping
  • Red eye removal
  • Minor blemish removal
  • Minor colour improvement

Medium Restoration- £30.00 per image

For photos with a little more wear and tear, our medium restoration package includes the following:

  • Scan of photograph (up to A4)
  • Cropping
  • Red eye removal
  • Medium scratch and blemish removal
  • Image enlargement
  • Minor colour improvement
  • Simple object removal/image adjustment

Heavy/Complex Restoration - £50.00 per image

Ideal for heavily damaged photos or for removing people or objects, our complex restoration package includes the following:

  • Scan of photograph (up to A3)
  • Cropping
  • Red eye removal
  • Complex scratch and blemish removal
  • Image enlargement/reduction
  • Minor colour improvement
  • Changes to background
  • Complex object removal/image adjustment
restored photo

Photo Printing, Mounting & Framing

If you would like TechnoVisual to print out your favourite images for you we have the ability and equipment to supply truly gorgeous printed photos, as big or small as you require. We always use top of the range archival or photo paper and a prototyping 9 colour printer. We can also mount your photos and frame them if required. Please ask for prices.


Slideshows & Films

TechnoVisual specialises in video and photography and we even have our own fully equipped on-site studio including backgrounds, lighting and green screen. Please ask for prices should you want to set up your own set of professional looking photos or a video perhaps for use on your web site or YouTube. We have supplied many videos for training and promotional purposes. Our standard charges are £40.00 per hour and £50.00 per hour for studio time

Do you have a set of valuable photos or slides showing special memories such as a wedding or christening? Please ask about our slideshow services, we can add titles, music and even voice over for that special production. We can also supply a gorgeous custom made DVD package for presentation

Please call for prices - 01280 815161



Special Event Printing and Disc Packages

TechnoVisual specialises in bespoke printing for weddings, parties, christenings, funerals and other special events, please ask for quotes on invites, order of service, menus, place names etc

We also supply CDs and DVDs for weddings and other events in gorgeous bespoke packages


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